Air Conditioning & Heating Services

Brooks Fireplaces & HVAC Services in Bossier City, Louisiana, offers High Efficiency HVAC products. We also provide one-year heat and air conditioning maintenance agreement. In line with this service agreement, we will go to your location to perform Fall and Spring Maintenance. Our reputable company also specializes in heating and air conditioning systems for manufactured homes.

HVAC Services

We check the controls and motors of your electric HVAC equipment and provide repairs for all HVAC item brands as well. In line with that, we clean the important components using a vacuum. For gas-operated ones, we vacuum vital parts and also adjust the burners and air exchangers. During spring, we do the following:
  • Check for Freon Leaks
  • Clean outside Condenser Coils.
  • Check Electrical Connections
  • Make a Detailed Report about the Units

Manufactured Housing Industry Installation

Brooks Fireplaces & HVAC Services, we install what customers want. When you need an economic option...We have it!

HVAC Residential Replacement

Is your residential HVAC system not keeping up with your demand anymore? Call us and we can customize a solution to solve that problem for you! We will replace your old inefficient equipment with new high efficiency equipment. Insulation gets packed down and loses its R-value. When this happens, we can install new blown in attic insulation to reduce coldness, so you can save on your heating costs.

"Masters of Your Home Climates and Fulfilling the Desires of Your Hearth Daily"

Contact us in Bossier City, Louisiana, for more details on our top-notch heat pumps and air conditioning maintenance services.